Vahetus / Shift

Anu Aun / Estonia / 2010 / 15´ / 16 mm

When Miina, beautiful, apparently wealthy woman is caught shoplifting, a female police officer Mare treats her with obvious contempt. Also, Mare is disturbed by the fact that her male colleague seems to feel sorry for the beautiful thief. She considers Miina as a rival and decides to teach her a lesson. At this moment, none of the two women realize, that in their lives which seem completely different, there is something dreadfully similar – everyday psychological violence. Only some hours later, they meet unexpectedly again in a situation where destiny exchanges their roles completely and rivals become partners in crime.


- Thessaloniki International Short Film Festival (Greece): Cinematic Achievement Award

- First Step Film Step (Albania): Best Director Award

- Estonia National Culture Foundation: Best Debut Of The Cultural Year

- Rome Independent Film Festival: The Best Foreign Short Film Prize

- Norwegian Short Film Festival: Honorary Mention

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